Satisfy search intent to axe bounce rate

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March 26, 2021, 11:32 AM GMT+0

Heat mapping tools help brands detect rage or dead clicks and fix them to decrease bounce rates.

To lower bounce rates and boost engagement, brands must improve their site speed and satisfy visitors search intent. While lower bounce rates do not improve search ranking, they act as a proxy engagement and satisfaction signal for Google, thereby boosting SEO.

Building a website around Google’s Core Web Vitals can improve site speed, drive engagement and lower bounce rates. Conduct competitor search term analysis, create content to address search queries, and link pages to relevant content to broaden search intent satisfaction.

Writing content, the inverted pyramid style borrowed from journalism, wherein readers are drawn early-on with great details works well to retain users and diminish bounce rates. Brands can further reduce bounce rates by creating simple site search, using images and videos, and inserting keywords into CTAs.

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