Support for local brands still strong

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March 26, 2021, 3:55 PM GMT+0

Studies show that people are still looking to support small businesses in their area.

An Accenture survey found 84% of consumers plan to continue shopping in neighbourhood stores or buying more locally sourced products once the pandemic is over than pre-COVID times. With people continuing to look for local businesses, small companies must invest in local SEO to grow their business.

An updated website, coronavirus-related information and services like curbside pickup can help brands drive sales. Interestingly, even 12 months into the pandemic, people are still searching for pandemic-related topics. Topics – like hobbies, music, fitness and outdoor activities – have gained traction due to lockdowns and restrictions.

Though stores have started to open up, many people still feel more comfortable shopping online. According to the Global Connected Consumer Index, 28% more customers are shopping online weekly than before the pandemic.

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