Be prepared for April Fools Day

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March 29, 2021, 3:27 PM GMT+0

Focusing on transforming a one-time encounter into long-term relationships can help brands create effective April Fool’s campaign.

With April Fools’ Day approaching, brands considering publishing fake content or writing absurd headlines must carefully evaluate their strategies. While April Fools’ is a one-day joke, if the brands aren’t prepared with a well-thought-out campaign or aren’t ready to handle criticism, they are better off sitting the event out.

Having a playful approach and integrating humour into the brand can help marketers create effective marketing campaigns. Creating unique, original and valuable content can help brands attract the media’s attention while testing audience response to outlandish products and services.

Companies must craft relevant and humorous content and encourage audiences to reshare it to drive April Fools’ marketing efforts. However, brands must create a separate landing page for April Fools’ promotions and content, avoiding interfering with main marketing functions.

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