Improve marketing efforts via empathy

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March 29, 2021, 2:57 PM GMT+0

Empathy marketing allows brands to harness a range of human emotions like joy, interest, and more while connecting with prospects emotionally. 

Given the pandemic has impacted people’s ability to interact, creating empathetic marketing campaigns can help companies connect with consumers in 2021. Updating buyer personas to reflect the new realities, using social listening tools, and analysing website traffic and conversion rates can help brands understand audiences and leverage empathy in marketing.

Marketers can use assessment data to adapt to consumer needs and offer interactive solutions, like onboarding guides and empathetic customer services. Creating and deploying content, like instructional videos with real people, can help businesses convey their brand story empathetically. 

Brands must audit current content, update outdated information and incorporate relevant data and visualisation wherever necessary to entice consumers. Leveraging user-generated content in websites, newsletters, and other content types further enhance empathy marketing.

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