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March 29, 2021, 11:57 AM GMT+0

Serving irrelevant ads to consumers might annoy them and push a negative brand perception.

As retail media networks like Walmart and Amazon evolve to provide consumers with personalised experiences, brands must address factors like relevance, keyword targeting, and more. With relevancy built into ad platforms like Amazon, serving useful, time-saving and relevant ads can drive purchasing decisions.

Focusing on need-based searches instead of solution-based searches can help brands align their marketing copies and ad keywords with consumer search phrases. Targetting consumers based on their position within the decision-making funnel to drive sales on ecommerce platforms.

Understanding the retail media platforms’ nuances, like Amazon filtering out unrelated search phrases, helps create high-performing ads. Assessing the competition and their keyword choices via search measurement tools can help brands bid for high-performing keywords and enhance their ad outreach.

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