Animal cruelty videos banned on YouTube

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March 30, 2021, 2:40 AM GMT+0

Around 30 animal abuse videos were running ads between 9 March and 19 March 2021.

YouTube has decided to ban staged animal rescue videos depicting cruelty after several media outlets and animal welfare charities identified the growing trend and criticised the company. Colin Goulding, global head of trust and safety at YouTube states, the ban will be in effect within weeks.

Further, Goulding highlighted that the animals are put in dangerous situations, while the seeming rescues are filmed. A non-profit, Lady Freethinker, identified Disney+, Facebook’s Portal, Land Rover, Amazon Prime Video and more, running ads unknowingly next to such videos on YouTube.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider, that a policy change is underway while deciding how to implement the policy. Also, YouTube’s brand-safety procedures received a brand-safety accreditation from the Media Rating Council, allowing companies to advertise in safe environments.

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