Consumer expectations from digital rise

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March 30, 2021, 2:23 AM GMT+0

Approbation’s recent survey found that over 50% of Americans and Canadians aged between 25-54 consider digital experiences to be extremely important.

According to the report, online interactions across industries like automotive, and groceries have surged since COVID-19. Digital experiences in industries like finance, travel and tourism, and healthcare are considered extremely important by 67%, 55% and 54% of respondents respectively.

The retail industry at 46% is also catching up in terms of consumer’s digital readiness, while the automotive industry at 33% and grocery at 39% ranked the lowest. Consumer interaction across finance (+10%), healthcare (+21%), retail (+20%) and travel and tourism (+15%) is expected to increase post-pandemic.

Further, one-fifth of consumers feel that there is room for improvement for digital experiences across industries. Companies providing frictionless digital experiences and conveniences will do well, as Millennials and Gen Z expect smooth and efficient digital experiences from brands.

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