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March 30, 2021, 3:19 AM GMT+0

Evaluating what’s impacting audiences’ mental-health should help brands address those topics in their marketing messages.

With COVID-19 affecting emotional and mental well-being of millions of people, understanding audiences’ comfort levels of discussing mental-health and well-being is imperative. Laurie Dewan, VP of consumer insights at Healthline Media states, understanding audiences can help brands craft tailored marketing messages.

While older generations may be stigmatised, younger demographics are much more open when it comes to talking about mental health challenges. Companies must listen to the language used by the younger demographics while discussing mental health, to create resonating messages, notes Dewan.

Erin Petersen, editor-in-chief for says marketers must carve out ways to directly impact audiences and offer authentic connections through their products, services and “real directed service.” As more people seek to open up in more engaging ways, brands must create long-term strategies to discuss topics around mental health.

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