Topic-driven podcasts engage more

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March 30, 2021, 4:09 PM GMT+0

Going beyond the simple interview format and creating a more topic-driven podcast can help brands boost engagement.

Creating topic-driven podcasts can brands expand their reach and keep listeners invested. Instead of creating a single Q&A with only one guest, marketers can get views from different experts and weave them together with the help of an engaging host.

Marketers should then “mercilessly” edit their podcast content to produce an exciting and engaging podcast with no fillers or unnecessary and irrelevant information. They should use good-quality microphones and a simple mixing board to create a professional podcast.

Leveraging tools like Zencastr can help marketers effectively host high-quality remote podcast interviews, irrespective of their internet connectivity speed. Creating content around podcast and embedding podcast episodes into blog posts can help improve visibility. Marketers can also do cross-promotions to further their reach.

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