Enhance marketing with first-party data

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March 30, 2021, 3:38 AM GMT+0

Implementing a hybrid model which combines outside expertise and in-house tech can help brands leverage and understand first-party data.

Collecting consumer information via direct consent through apps and websites can help brands gather first-party data, as well as enhance their privacy-driven approach. Marketers must invest in first-party data strategies, as the digital landscape pivots towards a more private web to build relationships with clients, offer value, and boost ad performance.

Companies must establish and align customer experience goals with their objectives to guide the data collection process. Building a data governance program ensures the accuracy and integrity of first-party data and helps deliver value through personalised offers to build trust and drive engagement.

Adopt a testing and learning approach to analyse the level of personalisation required for each audience segment. Measuring first-party data’s effectiveness in ads is recommended to optimise and refine marketing strategies.

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