Use first-party data to target audiences

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March 30, 2021, 2:27 PM GMT+0

With Apple rolling out the new iOS update, targeting iPhone users via PPC campaigns on social platforms like Facebook can be challenging.

Apple’s iOS 14 already requires all apps to show an App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt to allow users to choose whether they want apps to track their data usage. With Apple tightening its privacy norms, advertisers will not be able to serve relevant ads to users who have opted out.

Moving ahead, advertisers will find it challenging to reach their ideal target in the opted-out iOS segment. However, brands can still target niche audiences from desktops, web and other operating systems.

Setting up Conversions API – a server-to-server tracking method – can help brands collect first-party data and effectively target potential buyers. This first-party data can help marketers experiment with email marketing and other organic retargeting methods to reach target audiences easily.

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