Use insights to drive app downloads

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March 30, 2021, 3:29 AM GMT+0

A/B testing a new mobile app’s features and marketing strategies with a smaller audience can save campaign costs and eliminate any irrelevant app features.

Businesses looking to launch mobile apps and deliver value to consumers through in-app experiences must research their target customers. Leveraging marketing tools and using insights can help marketers boost app downloads, engage users, drive traffic to the app.

Build marketing campaigns in alignment with the stages of the sales funnel and gather insights on consumer sentiments to create effective ads and drive app downloads. Optimising apps with relevant keywords and investing in tech is recommended to persuade high-value consumers and accommodate growth.

To collect app usage data, track the app’s performance and monitor reviews and ratings on the app store. Creating referral programs and offering in-app incentives can help brands prompt users to share the app with their friends and families.

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