Informative ads help sell to parents

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March 31, 2021, 2:14 AM GMT+0

Demonstrate product safety, offer warranty, and leverage reviews and ratings in ads to drive parents’ buying decisions and build trust.

To effectively reach parents through paid ads, brands must deploy the right marketing messages at the right time. Matching parents’ purchase intent through relatable gift ads for life events such as birthdays, vacations and graduation can help marketers effectively connect with this cohort.

With more number of millennials stepping into parenthood, brands must ensure their ads are tech-savvy, highly-accessible, provide instant gratification, and are authentic and collaborative. Offering highly-optimised experiences using tech can help brands resolve parents’ pain-points like saving time and resources.

Creating well-informed ads with expert explanations and product use cases enables marketers to educate parents and nurture brand relationships. Understanding the parents’ demographic through platforms like Google Ads, Google Analytics, Instagram and more can help marketers create effective paid ads.

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