Marketing collaterals must be consistent

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March 31, 2021, 1:02 AM GMT+0

Quality marketing collaterals help build a relationship with prospects.

Every brand must review their marketing collaterals to ensure they’re in line with current messaging, branding goals and guidelines. Various stages of the sales and marketing processes must have relevant collateral supporting them and contain the key points the brand wishes to share.

In itself, the marketing collateral must be based on the corporate style guide that contains specifics about logo, colour schemes, fonts, taglines, graphics and more. While content containing visuals attracts 94% more views, use white space and imagery tactically to avoid distracting customers from brand identity elements like logos, CTAs and more.

The collateral’s content must be of the highest possible quality, be consistent, original, unique and on-brand. Digital assets or collaterals could be gated or not depending on the depth or the purpose of the piece.

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