Use Clubhouse to reach prospects

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March 31, 2021, 3:18 PM GMT+0

Clubhouse is a relatively new, invitation-only audio-based social platform that provides immense marketing opportunities. 

This invitation-only, audio-only social platform hosts a wide variety of clubs and virtual rooms with different types of conversations. Marketers should find their niche and join the clubs and rooms that are relevant to their business. 

Regularly participating in these small yet engaged conversations can help brands effectively reach their potential buyers. Marketers should periodically participate in large clubs and raise their hands to get a chance to speak. They should use this to share their expertise or connect with others or donate to causes that people are discussing. 

After becoming a regular, marketers can reach out to the club owner via direct message and speak specifically about their offerings. Businesses can further host Clubhouse discussions with their customers and like-minded organisations to create a community. 

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