Leverage “ResTech” to optimise campaigns

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April 01, 2021, 5:11 PM GMT+0

ResTech is a broad term for tools and software that help platforms, agencies and brands target, deliver and analyse insights.

Utilising ResTech can help companies effectively gather insights into their target audiences’ behavioural patterns. It can help marketers extract accurate details to identify shifting consumer sentiments and can be used to adjust and optimise marketing campaigns.

Marketers can use a combination of metrics to get a holistic view of their overall performance. They should capture and analyse responses to a campaign before, during and after launch. Further, integrating media measurement enabled by big data can help improve advertising measurement.

Using first-party data and other actionable consumer insights can help create authentic messaging that will resonate with customers. However, marketers should implement emerging and creative measurement strategies and refine commonly used metrics to drive accurate business outcomes.

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