Sponsor Clubhouse rooms for engagement

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April 02, 2021, 2:46 AM GMT+0

Clubhouse is a relatively new yet one of the fastest-growing, invitation-only audio-based social app.

This iPhone-only app allows like-minded people to host and participate in rooms and clubs where they can share their opinion. If a brand hosts a room or a “club”, PR professionals representing them could promote it via social platforms to build anticipation around upcoming Clubhouse events to drive up audiences.

Sponsoring a Clubhouse room benefits the host brand’s engagement efforts. For instance, a diaper brand can sponsor rooms led by groups of young parents. However, the conversation needn’t revolve around their products.

It could be about anything that’s of interest to the parents that purchase diapers for their children. Since Clubhouse doesn’t have an in-built recording feature, use online tools to record Clubhouse content, which can be repurposed for other platforms. Content developed for the app must be highly relevant.

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