Advertise across a mix of CTV platforms

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April 05, 2021, 9:46 AM GMT+0

Advertisers must leverage the ad-supported streaming platforms and connected TV (CTV) devices to reach wider audiences.

Despite the challenges brands might face advertising on CTV in its current state, the platform could help advertisers reach consumers effectively. Brands must consider a mix of YouTube, Hulu and longer-tail services like Pluto for CTV advertising through devices consumers use.

Advertising using Roku or Amazon Fire’s ad solutions help advertisers reach nearly 30% of CTV viewing hours, as these are the top streaming devices used by US consumers. Brands must combine and create advertising strategies for YouTube, Hulu, Amazon and Roku to achieve scale.

YouTube targeting and measurement capabilities like search data, downloads, site visitors, and more can help advertisers collect valuable consumer insights. Advertisers can target and measure ad performance via Amazon Fire TV’s user search and purchase data.

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