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April 05, 2021, 9:07 AM GMT+0

Developing direct relationships with consumers as purchasing behaviour shifts amid COVID-19 will help businesses prepare for the future.

As digital marketing evolves in 2021, brands must follow evolving trends to stay relevant amid COVID-19. With employee created content (ECC) seeing eight times more engagement than brand-created content, empowering employees to create and share content can help humanise and personalise a brand.

Including employees in the content creation process enables brands to scale contextual content creation, as ECC extends brand messaging by over 500%. The trend of adopting flexible channel strategies and implementing channel mixes is growing among brands like AllBirds, Warby Parker and more, as businesses seek to build direct relationships with consumers.

Track the negative and positive effects of marketing efforts to improve customer experiences. Brands must take control of their automated marketing efforts, rather than letting machines guide their decisions.

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