Advertisers should use negative keywords

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April 06, 2021, 5:25 PM GMT+0

Using negative keywords can help companies save money by showing up Google Shopping adverts to only relevant audiences.

Instead of bidding for generic keywords, companies should focus on specific, relevant and targeted keywords. Companies should use negative keywords to avoid wasting advertising money on users who are not interested in the brand’s product.

Marketers should analyse their search terms report and exclude ineffective keywords. They should add keywords like competitor terms, irrelevant terms and extremely generic terms to their negative keyword list. They should also avoid bidding for out-of-stock or pre-launch products to enhance CTRs, conversion rates and ROAS.

Companies should ideally capitalise their Google Shopping Ads product titles, write numbers as digits while including the brand name, and keep product titles between 75 and 100 characters. They should also keep their product images clearly and evenly lit with a solid and light-coloured background.

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