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April 06, 2021, 2:48 AM GMT+0

Clubhouse’s unclear etiquette for Rooms and exclusive invite-only audiences are some of the platform’s challenges for brands.

As the live-audio social media platform Clubhouse rapidly grows, building a presence on the app could help brands increase engagement. While Clubhouse helps businesses present fresh brand perspective, marketers must plan strategies to overcome challenges on the app.

Nick Martin, Hootsuite’s global social engagement specialist states brands must provide context to their content to overcome the app’s underdeveloped algorithm. Expanding on webinars and adding quick contextualising content in live audio Rooms helps continue conversations in a more casual and intimate format.

Further, the drop-in audio feature can be leveraged to boost conversations, and discussion from the audio Rooms can be repurposed into Twitter threads or blogposts. Ensure the target audience is present on the app, and the platforms serves the brand’s social media goals before creating Clubhouse campaigns.

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