Facebook retains its position

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April 06, 2021, 5:25 PM GMT+0

SkyNova’s recent study highlights how business owners are tackling social media marketing.

Facebook remains a primary business platform for more than half of entrepreneurs. Instagram was quite behind Facebook at 27% and Twitter at 16%. 63% of business owners said they should be on at least one platform they were not currently using, with most entrepreneurs pointing to TikTok.

The study shows 89% of entrepreneurs handle social media themselves. Around 98% of solo entrepreneurs contributed to their social media, as opposed to 83% of entrepreneurs with employees. A whopping 70% of business owners used trial and error to learn social media marketing.

While 42% of entrepreneurs copied social tactics from other brands, 41% improvised, and 34% used intuition. Surprisingly, around 38% reached out to friends and family for social media marketing, while only 13% reached out to consultants.

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