Match political activity to brand values

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April 06, 2021, 2:29 AM GMT+0

Even lobbying efforts must be in line with the company’s stated values.

Based on a report by The Conference Board, this article suggests best practices businesses in the US must be mindful of while executing corporate political activity. Irrespective of the scale of a corporate political activity, it must be guided by the brand’s clearly set standards and guidelines.

To mitigate reputational risks, ensure the brand’s activity is in alignment with corporate values. With this in mind, the CSR function could be involved in reviewing the political activity to be undertaken. Efforts must be coordinated and consistent, across organisational levels.

Pay keen attention to internal coordination and with third-parties while pursuing lobbying activities. The Conference Board ESG Center’s ED and the report’s co-author, Paul Washington, recommends streamlining political activity, focusing on what matters most and reducing the risk profile.     

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