Use chatbot cookies to retarget shoppers

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April 06, 2021, 8:56 AM GMT+0

A/B testing chatbot CTAs, images, content-language is recommended to optimise the channel. 

As chatbots grow in popularity among brands and consumers, brands must enhance their chatbot’s conversational ability to drive engagement rates. Creating multilingual chatbots using Natural Language Understanding (NLU) tools can help brands translate content, improve chatbot responses and support consumers across the globe.

Deploy chatbot visitor cookies to help chatbots identify returning visitors and retarget prospects who previously visited pricing pages and send follow-up messages to leads. Setting up conversation triggers like pricing questions can help brands lead users to appropriate webpages, enhance chatbot conversations and effectively target specific audiences.

Addressing consumers’ key pain points with chatbot integrated apps like booking tickets, scheduling consultations, can further help businesses enhance their chatbots’ conversations. Track performance metrics like engagement, retention rates, bounce rates, user sentiments, and more to improve conversations within chatbots.

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