AdTech can improve consent mechanism

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April 07, 2021, 5:08 PM GMT+0

“Logging with Google” can cost publishers crucial first-party customer data.

With browsers phasing out third-party cookies, more consent-based and privacy driven data collection measures are emerging. The consent mechanisms put in place by tech giants like Google and Facebook have certain limitations, and has led to a growing number of ad tech companies to create self-owned customer-facing consent mechanisms.

Since most people are already accustomed to free content online, paywalls and freewalls can add friction to users’ browsing experience. The consent mechanism provided by tech giants can help offer customer convenience, but it costs publishers important first-data necessary for effective targeting.

Ad tech companies can address this problem by reducing friction in the user experience and creating ad experiences that are respectful of privacy and personalisation preferences. Publishers should also note that consumers are willing to login only if it provides them value.

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