CMOs must work with C-suite counterparts

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April 07, 2021, 5:02 PM GMT+0

A recent Infosys study found that 44% of companies believe a close CMO-CIO partnership can amplify profits by 5% or more.

To find allies in the C-suite, CMOs must consider how marketing intersects with the decision-making of CEOs, CIOs and CFOs. They should also consider each role’s unique perspective. While CEOs would be interested in projects aligned with corporate objectives, CIOs would appreciate a say in Martech investments, and CFOs would focus on financial performance.

Studies show only 13% of F100 CEOs have a sales or marketing background. The numbers indicate that CMOs need to demonstrate marketing’s impact on overall large-scale business results to build an effective relationship with CEOs.

Marketing heads can easily collaborate with CIOs by collaborating on Martech purchases and ensuring that the CRM can align marketing efforts with sales. CRM data can also help CMOs offer accountability and build better relationships with their C-suite counterparts.

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