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April 07, 2021, 4:51 PM GMT+0

Content differentiation can help brands amplify the chances of building a sustainable audience by targeting a slightly different audience than their competitors.

Businesses can leverage content marketing to generate demand and leads, create brand awareness, and establish credibility. Though content is scalable, flexible, and helps tap into a specific market, content marketing is highly competitive and saturated.

Marketers should avoid creating generic and promotional content while also making sure their content gives the users a reason to visit the brand’s website and interact with their brand. WordStream estimates over 97% of people who visit a website are not ready to buy anything.

To create differentiating content, marketers should focus on audience pain points and conduct research to identify unresolved consumer queries, unaddressed audience needs and negative reviews in their niche. They should then use content to develop their thought leadership voice and earn quality backlinks from high-authority domains.

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