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April 07, 2021, 5:23 PM GMT+0

Aligning SEO teams with the content marketing department can help B2B marketers create compelling content.

B2B marketing efforts should include both SEO and content marketing activities. Both SEO and content teams strive to increase content visibility, raise audience engagement levels and surface best-answer content. Without proper alignment between both departments, marketing campaigns can suffer from a lack of a cohesive and consistent marketing front.

Integrating content and search operations can ultimately make content more effective and result in better outcomes. For instance, while SEO teams can learn more about the best content marketing practices from content marketers, content teams can better understand the process of search optimisation from SEO teams.

Search professionals can also provide content teams with data and insights that would make content marketing efforts more informed, streamlined and effective. To ensure better exchange of data audience and enhance business performance, companies should improve interdepartmental communications.

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