Capitalise on Google Passages update

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April 08, 2021, 5:14 PM GMT+0

The search engine giant’s Google Passages 2020 update provides more accurate search results to questions that require specific information.

The Google Passages update lets search engines to zoom-in on content with a webpage that contains the best answer in response to a query. Businesses can capitalise on this update by creating detailed and organised content. Using subtitles and h-tags can help publishers organise their content.

Because of Google Passages update, organised content can reward companies with increased search appearances. To further enhance SEO optimisation and gain a competitive edge, companies should use structured data markup.

With 59% of executives preferring videos over reading an article, companies should leverage video marketing to improve search rankings. Utilising “chapters” to segment marketing videos and organise the information can help increase the chances of showing up on both YouTube and Google search results.

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