Content opt-in forms can grow email list

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April 08, 2021, 12:43 PM GMT+0

Exit-intent pop-ups help increase email opt-ins without disrupting visitors’ browsing experience.

Brands must build their email lists, nurture those customers, and provide them with valuable content to increase opt-ins for their content assets. Building squeeze pages, which are essentially lead magnets for content assets like reports and resources, containing minimal distractions can help brands increase email opt-ins.

Businesses must leverage toolbars and craft bold header opt-in forms on websites with tools like Sumo to boost conversions. Adding toolbars to the footer and creating slide-in pop-up opt-in boxes can drive email subscriptions. Tools like Hushly make smart content recommendations to site visitors and increase opt-ins.

Companies selling online could use discount pop-ups and place opt-ins in order checkboxes to augment conversions. To boost opt-ins for blogs, serving opt-in forms through the sidebar, providing access to exclusive content, and creating a comment checkbox helps.

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