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April 08, 2021, 3:42 PM GMT+0

Unlike seasonal PPC ads, evergreen PPC ads can help brands attract leads through the year.

By creating evergreen PPC ads, companies can continuously bid on brand-related keywords to stay on top of SERPs throughout the year. Evergreen PPC ads can also help marketers boost audience engagement.

Marketers can populate topics like “About Me” to create effective evergreen PPC campaigns that boost brand awareness. They can also focus on specific product or service benefits while creating PPC campaigns. Businesses can establish credibility by creating campaigns highlighting customer reviews and achievements.

Companies can also create PPC ads highlighting price points and products and service features. But, they should never include trending terms and industry trends in their evergreen PPC ads.  Evergreen campaigns should also avoid using too many exclamation points or references to startups and online tools.

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