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April 08, 2021, 4:42 PM GMT+0

Subscribers are more willing to read an email if they feel a personal touch in the branded outreach.

Studies show companies are 40 times more likely to get a customer from email marketing than social media. Creating an effective email newsletter design can help companies enhance their marketing ROIs. Companies can use dynamic content in their marketing emails to make personalised product recommendations based on recent customer activities.

Using subscriber data can help build accurate buyer personas and enhance targeting. They should also use customer data to create location and time-based personalised email campaigns. Personalising subject lines can further help improve email open rates, while also fostering customer loyalty.

With 46% of users opening emails on mobile devices, marketers should make sure their email newsletter designs are optimised for mobile screens. While designing the newsletter, marketers should consider the visual hierarchy, white spaces and CTA designs to improve ROIs.

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