Concerns around podcast measurement

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April 09, 2021, 6:00 AM GMT+0

56% of advertisers who use digital audio said podcasts had become more important during the pandemic.

According to the Advertisers Perceptions report, podcasts were ranked among the top five key branding factors. Around 35% of advertisers said podcasts are effective at improving brand preference or favourability. 31% of advertisers also reported podcasts’ ability to enhance brand awareness or recall.

While 27% of advertisers said podcasts improve purchase intentions/consideration on par with TV, 18% said they were also effective in increasing sales. Around 68% further ranked podcasts high on the high-priority brand safety factor. But, two-thirds of advertisers raised concerns with podcast measurement and reporting.

Around 60% of advertisers also said they want better attribution and third-party verification. Though podcast platforms like Spotify are working on granular metrics, existing metrics are not effective enough to identify “fast-forwarding through ads and downloading for later listening”. 

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