Media monitoring tools boost PR efforts

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April 09, 2021, 10:46 AM GMT+0

Measuring email outreach, open rates and CTRs can help PR professionals improve their efforts.

PR professionals must use media monitoring software to track KPIs and determine their effect on the company to assess the effectiveness of their campaigns. PR practitioners can accurately track campaign metrics and improve messaging by planning PR campaigns and clearly identifying measurable targets.

Metrics like brand mentions, hashtags, languages used by customers, and brand-related queries may help marketers gain insight into their customers' feelings and make necessary content adjustments. To increase exposure and expand their reach, brands must track interaction and reach metrics like shares, comments, likes, and social media following.

Gather insights on campaign performance, monitor eligible leads, referrals, and bounce rate to gauge website performance and drive traffic. PR professionals will do well to evaluate earned media value to guide their campaign spends and maximise advertising results.

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