Combine paid, owned and earned media

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April 12, 2021, 2:43 PM GMT+0

Using a blend of paid, owned and earned media can provide a brand with the best ROI.

Well placed social media ads, events sponsorships, digital display ads, and influencer campaigns can collectively reap enormous benefits for brands. These media formats can generate immediate results and aid in fast lead generation and traffic to owned media like websites, blogs or emails.

Owned media gives brands total control over content and design. Studies show that owned media takes the top position in terms of driving the most consistent ROI. But, it receives more traction through paid and earned media strategies. Earned media can help establish credibility, improve brand reputation and boost thought leadership.

Instead of focusing on one or two types of media, businesses should strategically mix all three types of media so that they overlap and work together. To further drive better results, marketers should consistently create high-quality content.

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