Install Facebook Pixel for remarketing

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April 12, 2021, 7:26 AM GMT+0

Companies can install Facebook Pixel on their ecommerce sites to remarket to past visitors and create targeted custom audiences for Facebook ads.

Creating multiple Facebook pages with unique content, as well as serving high-quality ads, will help brands build successful social media marketing campaigns. Align and categorise user cohorts with various pages to create personalised and product-relevant content and drive sales on Facebook.

Include images of happy people using the brand’s products in Facebook ads, and avoid images of the same colours as Facebook, to attract audience’s attention. Communicating the brand story through Facebook ads is recommended to connect with targeted audiences and cultivate consumer relationships.

Further, Facebook Pixel helps collect customer data, track ad interactions, and create effective advertising. Craft humourous and innovative content relevant to the main product to improve engagement on Facebook.

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