Navigate crises using media monitoring

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April 12, 2021, 11:50 AM GMT+0

Media monitoring tools help check brand media coverage amid crises.

PR practitioners should use media monitoring to navigate a crisis and demonstrate their crisis team’s value to stakeholders with media briefings. Use media monitoring tools to generate reports based on metrics related to their brand's coverage, frequency, and sentiment, as well as the public's and media's responses.

Further, media monitoring helps PR practitioners recognise the individuals and outlets covering the brand's crisis, as well as cultivate new media partnerships. Leverage press coverage and other media monitoring benefits, to persuade executives to raise the PR budget and support new proposals.

Social media mentions gathered by monitoring media will help PR professionals assess the company's authenticity and ensure the brand activities are consistent with its values amid crisis. Leverage media monitoring to assess media coverage after a statement and make necessary adjustments.

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