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April 13, 2021, 5:33 PM GMT+0

Involving team members from different departments can help B2B companies overcome content marketing challenges during the pandemic.

A recent Finite study found 70% of B2B companies find it challenging to keep the quality and quantity of content high. With reduced revenues, dispersed workforces, and increased uncertainty due to the pandemic, marketers struggle to maintain consistency in their content marketing campaigns.

Encouraging employees to write content can help marketers consistently create high-quality content. Marketers should let team members highlight their professional reputation instead of focussing solely on promotions. Using expertise and insights from all departments can give B2B branded content a new and exciting angle.

Involving staff from all departments can also help build the brand internally. Marketers can further create a friendly competition to motivate more employees to contribute to their content marketing activities. They should also calculate and monitor content ROIs.

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