Interactive ads improve favourability

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April 13, 2021, 2:48 AM GMT+0

Magna and IPG Media Lab units and Verizon Media analysed performances of 1,211 interactive ads, 404 standard video ads and 401 control ads.

According to the report, interactive ads on digital outperformed conventional ads significantly, even when the consumers weren’t interacting with them. Further, it was found that interactive ads on digital media surged lift across consumer attitudes and behaviours.

At 45%, interactive ads enjoyed greater brand favourability when viewers interacted with the ad. The figure was 35% for standard video ads. Search intent among viewers that interacted with an ad increased 36%, whereas standard video ads drove 21% search intent.

84% of those polled reported interacting with interactive ads, followed by standard video ads (76%) and control ads (60%). The report notes, wider audiences are piqued by interactive ads, which provides a rare opportunity to reconnect with past “brand rejectors”.

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