CTV more effective than linear TV: Study

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April 14, 2021, 5:49 PM GMT+0

A Tremor Video-MTM Global study highlights advertisers’ attitudes and perceptions toward CTV’s growing importance in brand marketing strategies.

Nearly three-quarters of US advertisers believe CTV reaches target audiences more effectively than linear TV. 85% of advertising professionals also said CTV is a crucial part of their video advertising strategy.

The study found consumers exposed to CTV ads are 71% more likely to advocate a brand than consumers exposed to linear TV. Additionally, consumers exposed to connected TV are 52% more likely to buy a product and 45% more likely to visit a store or product website than consumers exposed to linear TV.

With more viewers turning to Ad-Supported Video on Demand for their dynamic streaming content since the pandemic, more ad dollars have started moving from linear TV to CTV. 90% of respondents said they planned to increase their 2021 CTV budgets, with an average increase of 53%.

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