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April 14, 2021, 5:21 PM GMT+0

Commerce marketing promotes the creation of integrated, physical and digital media campaigns.

With brands shifting a large share of their budget towards digital channels, the traditional approach to the funnel is fast becoming outdated. Instead of assigning a media channel a fixed position in the sales funnel, brands should examine if a single channel can perform across multiple aspects of the funnel.

Businesses can leverage commerce marketing to spend their marketing budgets effectively and provide customers with a better shopping experience. This approach can help promote the view that shoppers can help build brands and drive sales.

Using commerce marketing, marketers can take a more holistic and connected approach to build marketing campaigns. The author contends brands adopting this approach would be better placed in the future. But, long-standing conceptions and lack of agility due to team size hold back big brands from utilising commerce marketing.

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