Track YouTube conversions via TrueView

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April 14, 2021, 2:26 AM GMT+0

TrueView for Action ads from Google Ads helps brands engage users directly and boost conversions through clear CTAs and ad texts within skippable in-stream ads.

While YouTube is known for its brand awareness, marketers can use TrueView For Action ads to drive direct actions like click-throughs, and more. To create TrueView for Action ads, setup conversion tracking to make informed decisions and optimise automated bidding strategies.

Since Google requires advertisers to use a variant of the Global Site Tag (GTag), brands can leverage Google Ads conversion setup from Google Analytics. Setting aside a budget for automated bidding gives Google enough time to optimise and track conversion data on YouTube.

Brands must target TrueView for Action ads based on factors like customer intent, in-marketing, customer match, and more. Tailor messages to boost conversion tracking efforts. According to Google reports, TrueView for Action increases conversion volume by 8%.

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