Use first-party data with consent

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April 14, 2021, 12:04 PM GMT+0

Have explicit permission from customers to use their data for marketing.

Businesses must clarify how customer data is collected and used for marketing purposes. However, for customers to consider the “trade-off”, marketers must demonstrate real value in the data exchange and refrain from using jargon to explain user data and privacy.

Though first-party data is obtained through consent, it doesn’t belong to the brand, rather, the customer is the “first-party” in the transaction, and the brand is second, the author argues. Instead of referring to customer data as "zero-party data," marketers must acknowledge that customers are primary owners of their data.

This makes companies the second-party data holders. Brands must have clear permission to use customer data for marketing purposes. Further, to prevent a violation of intent and investigations from regulators, it is crucial to write clear and explicit permissions.

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