Positive language drives conversions

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April 15, 2021, 2:02 AM GMT+0

Unbounce's study of 44,000 landing pages found that negative emotional language can lead to lower conversions across industries.

This effect was more pronounced particularly for businesses in ecommerce, fitness and nutrition, and home improvement. According to the report, as emotional language with a negative tone such as depression or anxiety increased, conversion rates decreased.

However, ecommerce copies with an undertone of joy and anticipation are more likely to improve a landing page’s performance. Online sellers increased their use of emotional language in 2020. Further, negative language evoking anger increased 8.9%, followed by sadness (8.1%) and fear (6%).

Fitness and nutrition websites saw nearly a 125% rise in traffic over the past year, while emotional language with negative tones increased as well. Also, positive and encouraging language on fitness and nutrition websites resulted in higher conversions. Education websites remained neutral over negative or positive language.

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