Verizon launches a new targeting solution

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April 15, 2021, 4:56 PM GMT+0

The media arm of the telecom giant rolled out a new ad-targeting solution without identifiers.

Verizon Media's new ad-targeting solution – Next-Gen Solutions – will let marketers target their advertising without using individual identifiers. The company claims the solution relies on contextual and real-time information like weather, location and device type to serve ads in the absence of third-party cookies or device IDs.

This solution comes as marketers, publishers and ad-tech companies have been developing privacy-centric audience tracking technologies to replace third-party cookies and device identifiers. Verizon Media's solution uses first-party data captured from consumers when they use the company's websites, apps and email.

Next-Gen Solutions said it would provide marketers with an omnichannel view of their campaigns. Verizon Media's Iván Markman said, "The future of identity lies in striking the right balance of providing a meaningful consumer experience and delivering growth for advertisers and publishers, while also preserving consumer trust."

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