Leverage zero-party data

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April 16, 2021, 5:22 PM GMT+0

Zero-party data is optional information that customers intentionally and directly share with a brand.

Studies show consumers are willing to share information about their wants and desires if they trust the brand and get better customer experiences in exchange. Using zero-party data can help companies create targeted messaging and make each branded interaction tailored to consumer preferences while complying with privacy norms.

Brands can ask consumers about their likes and dislikes and then turn that information into product or service endorsements. For instance, by requesting new subscriber reviews of previously watched shows and movies, Netflix can offer relevant viewing suggestions.

Businesses can also use gamification and conduct content quizzes to gather helpful customer information necessary to provide personalised recommendations. But, marketers should avoid overwhelming customers with unnecessary questions. They should also make sure that each customer information has been carefully used in product/service recommendations.

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