Use email opt-ins to measure social ROI

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April 19, 2021, 3:11 AM GMT+0

Create special landing pages for social media channels to attribute conversions from each channel.

To track social media ROI, brands must get the right attribution for conversions through their social content. Tracking website visitors by source can help gain insights like the number of people interacting with the content across social media platforms.

Use clicks to website source to determine which social channels bring in the highest clicks and calculate the number of likely conversions from those channels. Tracking the email-opt in metric can help brands estimate the number of email subscribers and ROI from social channels.

Choose a Cross-Channel option to attribute conversions to the last-click and calculate ROI on social media offers via Google Analytics. To attribute sales and calculate the number of converting buyers, implement linear and time decay attributions and provide viewers with exclusive discounts for each social channel.

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