Digital messaging is here to stay

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April 20, 2021, 4:36 PM GMT+0

Email continues to be the preferred medium of communication among a majority of B2C businesses.

In 2019, 41% of brands sent 80-100 million messages. The number dropped to 31% in 2020 and will drop further to 29.8% in 2021. While the number of brand messages sent has fallen, a recent MessageGears-UpWave study found over 90% of respondents said digital messaging – email, SMS and text messaging remains extremely important, as opposed to other marketing strategies.

But, 52% of respondents expect the number of companies sending over 100 million messages to double in the next two to five years. Despite that, over 88% of respondents were somewhat or very concerned about consumer fatigue, while almost the same number were concerned about consumer financial distress.

Despite concerns and uncertainties, email marketing is here to stay. The article suggests brands must personalise emails, add a human touch and create relevant content to engage prospects effectively.

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