Create a robust content calendar

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April 21, 2021, 5:16 PM GMT+0

It can help brands maintain consistency and invest time as well as resources in the most appropriate places.

A robust content marketing calendar can help companies consistently share relevant content with their target audiences. It can help brands make their marketing sustainable in the ever-evolving digital age. To create an effective calendar, marketers should first identify themes for the year across the business.

Marketers can also create unplanned content are passionate about and want to share or repost. While developing a content marketing calendar, marketers should make sure their content aligns with product launches, significant sales and marketing events.

Marketers can create a series of blogs or social posts in a storytelling format that leads to several workshops or launches. They should be intentional and consistent with their posting to improve their reach as well as engagement. Regularly monitoring and reviewing content can further help boost performance.

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