Highlight brand USP to boost PR

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April 21, 2021, 2:40 PM GMT+0

A public relations strategy can help businesses overcome sales and marketing challenges and connect with prospective consumers.

Optimising and reinforcing unique selling proposition (USP) via informative blog posts and social media posts, combined with easily navigable websites, can help drive engagement and awareness. Brands should prompt satisfied consumers to spread the word about the brand. Sending product samples to journalists can further solidify PR efforts.

Companies should also offer expert opinion on relevant current events to boost their PR efforts. Brands must have a consistent and authentic voice and build a unique personality across communication channels to attract prospects.

Additionally, with environment-conscious consumers growing in numbers, brands must adopt eco-friendly solutions like recycling campaigns to bolster public relations. Supporting a social cause relevant to the company’s niche and donating a percentage of sales to social movements can positively impact public perception.

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